Thursday Is For Blogging

In the past – when it seemed I used to be far more skilled at multi-tasking – I set aside Thursday evenings for blogging. Lo and behold….I find it is a Thursday evening, my husband is away on a short haul trucking trip, I am alone and at that state where I can just do whatever I want for a few hours!! Earlier today I realized that after taking on the two jobs and having the hubby home most every day….I have not turned the “off” button “on” for quite some time! This was the first day in awhile that I could just hang out with myself. Sounds selfish, but it was ever so cathartic to just realize that I have been going at warp speed lately, no focus really, and that’s no way to spend “retirement”!

The story I meant to publish back in November, I’ll post now:

The very first week that I was left alone on the ranch to commence my FlickaRancherRole…..well, I blew it!! The bulls took to fighting amongst themselves and in fact proceeded to pull gate posts out of the ground and knock over huge steel gates and ultimately create escape routes just about everywhere. Heifers and bulls and cows all escaped within the perimeters of our ranch [thankfully] but all got mixed up amongst each other after being carefully sorted out by the hubby and the kids.

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