I look upon my home as my sanctuary (at times). Living on a farm/ranch can be really peaceful (at times)…..particularly when the cows are out to pasture as they are now and hopefully remaining there for another month or so.

But it would appear that even the wildlife are seeing my home as a sanctuary. Two mornings ago, as I was just getting to my first coffee of the day, what should be walking through my garden spot and up to my kitchen window but this beautiful buck deer!!

My faithful companions…camera and lens, jumped into my hands almost immediately and I banged off as many shots as I could as he walked around our yard and I aimed from every window.

Always a treat when these beautiful animals come to me and I don’ t have to be pursuing or searching for them on my evening tours.


Countrified Blessings-Cheerful Labor

I feel so blessed to have a step-daughter, who happens to be a brilliant teacher [subsequently has the whole summer free] and best of all is ready, willing, cheerful and able to rake hay.

She has happily taken over this task for me this haying season and is having the time of her life [I think] working alongside her dad in the fields. She’s on the rake a few swaths ahead of him while he’s working the baler.


Couldn’t be a more countrified blessing than your children wanting to work on the farm. Here she is negotiating with her dad to keep going instead of his suggestion for her to “call it a day”. Yes, we are blessed!


Countrified Blessings-Kitten Crop

Sure, you can have kittens in the city or in town but here in the country….you can have LOTS of kittens creating a cuteness overload situation in the spring.


Fortunately and humanely (perhaps), natural forces prevail and somehow the population numbers don’t get too out of control. 


But because we are in the glorious country and we have this big old barn, they live quite comfortably and away from the ire of any old municipal by-law officer.


Countrified Blessing – The Drive

The “Countrified Blessing” theme on my blog is just a fancy title to showcase the little things I appreciate about rural life.

The Drive…


A leisurely, stress free and relaxing drive down a country gravel road whereby the occurrence of an oncoming or tailgating vehicle is rare to none. Where are you going to find such a state in the city?

And, by the way, the only windshield nicks or cracks I ever experienced were on a paved highway!

Countrified Blessings-Introduction

There really is nothing finer than living in the country. Living on a ranch in the country is even finer! In celebration of the rural life and all it’s uniqueness and specialness, I’ll post another feature called “Countrified Blessings” from time to time. Nothing regular, just when something catches my attention and that I feel the urge to share with you all on the blog.

Simple stuff like….

The purely exquisite luxury of tucking oneself into bed at night after a long hard day  of relentless chores between freshly washed sheets that have hung out on an outdoor clothesline warming and drying under a glorious sun complete with fresh air breezes.