It’s Already 2015

I have to chuckle when I review my one and only post so far since starting my well-intended blog. I started this blog November 2014, intending to describe my adventures,since recently retiring, as the lone lady rancher on our property while my husband worked off-farm, subsequently entrusting me to feed and care for our cattle, horses, dogs and cats.

Well, life has it’s funny way of introducing twists and turns. Since November 2014 I have taken on a casual job as well as a ‘2-day a week’ job with our local municipality, thus ending “retirement” for me. Both of these jobs take me back “to town” to work and who ends up retiring? My husband! All the better, as he is the one that needs to be home to take care of our herd which has increased in value much to our delight and surprise. We are feeling very blessed to be experiencing this in our industry after many years of droughts, BSE crisis, Ecoli scares….all drama that affects the value of our livelihood.

That being said, my blog will still exist and live on. It is important that my readers know and understand how hard we work in the agricultural industry. I am sure my adventures will still happen as we ranch together. I’ll have 5 days of every week to be in the rural world I love and there will definitely be stories to tell and share and let you all know what a great life we live with our animals under the big and beautiful Alberta sky.


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