Why Flicka Rancher?

I used to be a banker. I was this banker for almost 40 years. I retired from this banking career on March 1, 2014 and am now home full-time on our ranch realizing the new role as girl-rancher. Drawing from my Swedish background on both my parents’ sides….I call myself Flicka Rancher as “flicka” is Swedish for “girl”.

I really don’t have any more free-time in retirement because I have an awful lot of interests. Now that the full-time job is out of the way I plan to tackle all of those interests…one of them is writing.

I thought it might be interesting to write about ranch-life from a female perspective and in turn do so via a blog. The “deal” between hubby and I, now that I’m retired, is that I’ll be taking care of the ranch and the livestock and running equipment on my own while he continues the off-farm job – trucking. Not that I haven’t been “doing” the ranching while I was working but now I’ll be responsible for making the decisions of the day…because I will in fact be here during the days. Yes, wonderful daylight! The days of chores in the night after a day in the office are, thankfully, no more [or at least….less more!]

Around animals….250 head of them….there are bound to be “stories”  and adventures. I may just ramble though too and share thoughts…muse, ponder, contemplate…all shared through this blog.

I welcome you then to the world of Flicka Rancher. Feel free to let me know when you’ve dropped by. Share a comment now and then….there’s nothing a blogger likes more than to know somebody’s out there and checking in on occasion.