When We Get Quiet

Sometimes things go horribly wrong and despite our valiant and often heroic efforts we simply can’t save a calf or a cow in distress.

I used to cry and mope around for a day when we’d suffer a loss. My hubby would just get quiet. And now too, after 20 years of this lifestyle, I have learned to just get quiet.

It’s the best way we can mourn and collect our thoughts to be maybe better prepared the next time or if not our fault, to help us to “cowboy/cowgirl up” and concentrate on the rest of our herd and responsibilities that never end. We get tougher on the outside…but “the quiet” keeps us soft and caring on the inside.

2 thoughts on “When We Get Quiet

  1. Margy

    I can only begin to imagine what a stressful time of year this is! I always think about the stress of farming when I watch the crops grow in the fields near us. The weather that is a mere inconvenience to me can make or break an entire years work.
    A close friend of mine just emailed me to say her nephew was trampled and killed by a cow earlier this month. The family is not only dealing with his death, but his 200 head of cattle with cows calving in bad weather. Fortunately, friends have all stepped in to help. ‘Help’ – I expect that is a lot more that dropping off a casserole! It is the tough on the outside and caring on the inside, just like you mentioned.


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