Love To Write

Where to begin when one has essentially abandoned her blog except for two posts over an entire year? I am stunned to be sitting here at my desk and opening my blog to see that – yes – I only entered two posts in 2017. What kept me so preoccupied? so detached? so uninvolved? so distracted?

It’s no one single thing and I won’t over-analyze the situation but I will spend this first day of 2018 to recommit to this blog once again. As a child I was very diligent in keeping a diary and then a journal in my later years…meticulously handwritten epistles of my daily events and deepest thoughts and dreams. I came across some of those literary pieces of work recently during a major purge session in the basement and was happy to be able to reacquaint myself with the gal I used to be and realize that she really hasn’t changed one little bit way down deep inside.

I love to write. Always thought I would be a journalist or an author “someday”. For these reasons alone, why would I not continue this blog?


We were in Las Vegas a few weeks ago…yea, FlickaRancher Does Vegas…and it took that getaway from the ranch and the duties and the chores and the routines and the schedules and the appointments to realize I really do love my hard-working, purposeful, chore-ridden life here on our ranch with hubby, cows, horses, dogs cats.  But, for the first time ever, I  let myself be treated really nice too and spent the entire first day there in the spa which included massage, facial, manicure, pedicure, hair and makeup. What an awakening that was for this rancher gal…I may let this habit continue, who knew??

So the writer is back and she might even have her nails done and some makeup on while she shares a story or two.










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