Return To Thursday

I haven’t come up with a weekly feature to follow Calving Capers just yet but I do always plan to enter something to my blog, at minimum, every Thursday as I had originally set out to do.

As I write tonight I am in a state of happiness and gratitude as the rain has been coming down for the past few hours. Puddles are starting to form and the dust is good and gone at last. Or at least long enough to let the cows and calves clear their windpipes of the nasty stuff for a few days.  I hope and pray we are about to depart from the drought that plagued us through winter and now into our spring!


Another highlight today was a little treat I have come to enjoy whenever I get the opportunity. From time to time I get to gather eggs from the chicken coop at my brother-in-law’s place. I even get to keep said eggs! I don’t imagine this would be so “romantic” a lifestyle that I would want to have my own laying hens…I can see there is a significant chore load that accompanies these happy little cluckers.


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