My Cow

Out of the over 200 cows we have collectively, there is one cow that is my cow and mine alone. When we acquired her a few years ago in a pen of heifers we bought from elsewhere [something we no longer do as all our females are home-grown] I took a liking to her right away. Her brown and white patchy blotchy look is called “brockle-face” and to me, that means she has character. I also thought of vanilla and chocolate pudding right away for some reason and she soon came to be known as Puddin’.


We’re watching her closely these days now as she will be the first to calve out of the cows.She’ll probably end up being a week ahead of the others because she got to be with the bulls first having lost her calf from illness quite early on during last year’s calving season. Every single year she has had a male calf, she has yet to bring me a female like herself that we can keep in our “home-grown” young herd.

This is why she gets a special place in the blog tonight. By next week I am truly hoping I can write about her and her new heifer calf. I want to keep the Puddin’ Family keepin’ on!


I do have an appeasement if she happens to grace me with yet another male calf. He will eventually go to market and be converted to cash, which will then be converted to a new camera lens for Flicka Rancher.

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