Countrified Blessings-Cheerful Labor

I feel so blessed to have a step-daughter, who happens to be a brilliant teacher [subsequently has the whole summer free] and best of all is ready, willing, cheerful and able to rake hay.

She has happily taken over this task for me this haying season and is having the time of her life [I think] working alongside her dad in the fields. She’s on the rake a few swaths ahead of him while he’s working the baler.


Couldn’t be a more countrified blessing than your children wanting to work on the farm. Here she is negotiating with her dad to keep going instead of his suggestion for her to “call it a day”. Yes, we are blessed!


Dad Would Have Been 87 Today



I am reminded today why it is so important that I keep a blog and that I have kept a blog in the past. Today would have been our dad’s 87th birthday. It is the first time a February 9 has come that dad has not been with us. He passed away last summer and we all still ache over our great loss. Two years ago we had a grand family celebration of his 85th birthday and between my youngest brother’s pictures and my blog story of the day, we have a comforting memory intact. Mom shared with me today how heartwarming it was to review again. Thus….why it is so important to journal and capture life’s events. Blogging is that avenue for me.

Miss you so much dad.