Photo Challenge – Half-Light

I am blessed to live in Alberta where we experience the most incredible beautiful skies whether it be at dawn or dusk or every hour in between those golden hours. I find that I have taken countless pictures of my world at “Half-Light“…. which happens to be this week’s photo challenge.

This is one of my favorites captured last fall. A flock of geese had just passed over us heading  into the stunning western glow after the sun had set and was washing it’s glow over the clouds.

Photo Challenge – One Love

The love and connection between a cow and her calf is ultimate. The mother cow will watch over her babe with earnestness and gentleness, fierceness and protectiveness. Should they become separated either by man’s choice to offer assistance, or regular maintenance or if they should become separated in the pasture, that mother cow will do everything in her power to get to her calf or to find her calf. She can in fact sniff the little fella out from a mile away or more as I’ve seen happen over the years watching these girls.
This same consummate oneness of love repeats itself as she continues to deliver us a calf year after year as long as she stays in the herd. Every calf she has becomes her One Love.

Photo Challenge – Seasons

We are just about at spring and yet, in Alberta one can blink and a snowstorm will come out of nowhere on an otherwise warm and sunny day. This little blizzard picked a good week to show up as the current Photo Challenge is to depict something that reflects the season we are experiencing.



I had gone into town for a few errands – I even washed and waxed my truck and THIS happens! Actually the best part of these late winter – early spring snow squalls is the fantastic moisture that comes out of these big fat flakes!

Photo Challenge – Life Imitates Art

This week’s challenge is to imitate a work of art in some way shape or form. I found that the process of taking on this challenge created a story itself.

Life Imitates Art

This past Christmas my husband received a small table sculpture from his twin boys of a praying cowboy by his horse.

I thought this would be a cool piece of art to recreate with him and his dedicated, faithful hard-working horse. When asked, I was thrilled that my husband willingly agreed. I thought I would have to beg and plead!

We chose today, after chores, to tackle the project. Because we have had our two older horses out in the field partnered up all on their own, it required hubby to quad out to them this afternoon to halter up his gelding, T-Bone. The second horse, Shadow, trotted right alongside. Horses need to be together and these two are the best of friends.


Subsequently, when separated, Shadow became very anxious and ran along the fenceline in despair for the duration of our project because her T-Bone buddy was taken out of her sight.


We needed to set up out of view so we could try to recreate a “peaceful”, prayerful pose of cowboy and quiet horse. We went with a couple of different renditions:

A few minutes later, it was all over, the humans had their photo challenge fun and the friends were reunited, free to graze and meander without human intervention for a few more weeks.


Vibrant – Photo Challenge

Sneaking in my interpretation of last Friday’s photo challenge. I see there isn’t a new one posted yet for today so may be getting in under the wire!



During the winter months,the last thing I want to prepare is a cold salad even though I do enjoy them as a vibrant and healthy food source. What a treat then, yesterday, to be invited out to lunch and my hostess had prepared such a warm and inviting and yes, vibrant salad! She didn’t even mind me pulling out my phone right away to snag this pic! Somewhat of a rude gesture for a dinner guest, mayhaps??