Photo Challenge – Narrow

This week’s photo challenge ties in nicely with my little adventure yesterday. For some reason and without warning…my fancy Dodge Ram truck wouldn’t start after I returned from walking through my contented cows.


I had dropped in at one of our pastures along the highway on my way home from the city still half an hour from home. Guess my fancy truck felt she’d give me a little attitude because she maybe thought pasture-checking was beneath her and she had just had such a fine time cruising the paved streets of the city for a few days????

Most folks might not think this trailer bed is Narrow but this gal sure did. Didn’t know I would be required to steer [no power steering when the truck won’t start] this big old girl up this “narrow” ramp while the tow truck driver winched us up. It felt like the early stages of a midway ride when you slowly crawl up to scary heights unknown because you can’t see at all where your tires are.

Turns out we got ourselves lined up mighty fine.





So when my hubby and I finally take a vacation…..where do we go? Well to hang out with more cows and more horses and more bulls….we go to a stampede!


The Ponoka Stampede in fact! A two and a half drive from the ranch. We drive away from our peaceful, comfortable homey ranch to set up our trailer in this conglomeration of others seeking “time away” a “change of routine” a “break” some “rest and relaxation”.

We really did end up having a great time away from “the routine” and we truly enjoyed the socializing and the entertainment that we are blessed with on a daily basis at a professional rodeo type event….I find myself wanting to be one of these guys though…right in the arena catching the action WAY more closeup than my telephoto allows me from the grandstands.

Ends up though that there really are lots of photo opportunities to satisfy this rodeo-photographer-wanna-be even from her perch in the stands.








I’m afraid this “vacation-mode” compelled me to take a short vacation from my blog! Operative word…”short”. That’s what a vacation is for. To get recharged with gusto to carry on!