3 thoughts on “Mice

  1. Marcia Jacula

    Haha. When we first got married, we bought Harry’s uncle’s farm and the house was about 60 years old. We had mice all the time! We finally figured out that they had renovated the porch and built a couple of drawers into the wall for gloves etc. I pulled the drawer right out one day while looking for a lost mitten and there was a hole where it looked like a pipe of some kind had been. I plugged the hole with tin foil and that lessened our mouse population! Still got some but at least we weren’t over run! I feel your frustration!

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  2. Wow – now that is a photo that will upset a certain segment of the population!

    Our house is almost 40 years old and we’ve had a mouse and fly problem for many years. We mostly solved the fly problem on two fronts – we use those big jar fly traps in the summer, which reduced the number of flies that ‘wintered’ in the attic. Then we spent considerable time with many tubes of sealant, filling the cracks that let the flies into the house from the attic.

    After filling many possible mice entry points too, we finally found their main entry point, which was from the attached garage. It was a major crack and once that was filled we are almost mouse free!

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